What is a VIP number?

VIP stands for Very Important Person, therefore, a VIP number means a number which is unique and stands out compared to normal telecom numbers in the market. VIP number is also referred to as ‘fancy number’.

What does RTP (Ready To GO) mean?

RTP stands for Ready To Port, this category is a list of numbers which are presently owned by someone else but are readily up for sale. Generally, these are unique and easy to remember numbers whose ownership can be transferred with proper KYC.

What is MNP?

MNP stands for Mobile Number Portability, it is basically the process to switch your current mobile number to another network service provider without having to buy a new number. It allows you to keep the same number even after changing the number service provider.

Can I choose My Mobile Number?

Yes, that is what we offer, a choice for all. You can suggest a number of your wish or you can even select one from our collection. As always, the choice is yours.

What if I don’t get my desired number?

We will try our best that you do. We will search with operators all across India and will get back to you within the next 48 hours.

What are the payment options?

You can pay through Online Payment Gateway which has the option of Net Banking, Credit Card, Debit Card, Bank Transfers and Cash on Delivery only in (Mumbai and Nashik as of now).

How long does it take for delivery and activation of number?

The average delivery time period is 1-3 days Depends on courier Partners while the activation happens instantly with 2-3 hours for Fresh Number and for Read to Go numbers it will Take 4-7 Days.

I am an NRI/tourist; can I buy a new connection online?

Yes, using your passport, visa details and your local address of stay in India you can buy a connection.

The received SIM card is not showing a network? Showing an invalid SIM sign?

Please contact us immediately or visit the nearest operator for exchange of SIM.

Can I Change My Ordered Number After Payment?

Yes, you can. We allow customers to cancel or change their order for the VIP numbers ordered from our store, but only in cases when UPC is not provided within the next 24 hours from ordering time. Also,Vip Numbers India has the right to cancel orders anytime.

What If I Don’t Get UPC Within 24 Working Hours?

If due to any possible reasons (a) UPC SMS delivery falls (b) Email delivery in customers spam or junk (c) delay in delivery from service provider), you don’t receive the UPC, then you can request UPC again. The order will not be cancelled in any of the mentioned scenarios.
However, in case of very extended delay or any issues, May be order get cancelled and initiated for refund.

Is There Any Guarantee That I Will Get The Same Number That I Paid For?

Yes- we assure you this. One of the best things about our service is we provide buyers what they pay for. So, rest assured that you will get the same number you are going to pay for. However, unfortunately, if due to any reasons, we fail to arrange precisely the same VIP phone number that you order, you will get options to choose either a new VIP phone number from our collection or get the refund. Also, this happens only to a few customers, and most get precisely the same number they select and order. Overall, there’s nothing to worry about. Your money is safe, and we do our best to ensure the best service and experience.

What happens next to Customer, If The Order Gets Cancelled from Vendor End?

As we have been saying from the top, your payment is 100% safe and secured with Vip Numbers India.Sometimes, the order gets cancelled and there are several reasons behind this from the Vendor end. For instance; SIM gets lost, UPC code failure ( both in delivery and generation aspect), the number already dead following TRAI norms (no calling or any activity for last 60-90 days), the number already sold but its status not updated on the website, and several others reason.
We deeply regret the inconvenience caused to our customers due to these issues and also take action against the Vendor behind those numbers. We remove them from vendor Panel
However, that’s not a day to day story and happens rarely. If you encounter the same, we offer the refund or allow the customer to choose any other number. You can feel free to reach out to the dedicated Sale Executive assigned for your order.
No matter how and why, If you choose to get the refund and your order is eligible for this, the amount will be refunded will be credited to your original mode of payment within 4 to 7 working days.

Once the Order placed can we share, display or print the Purchased Vip Mobile Number?

Kindly do not share, display or print the number anywhere until the successful Activated on your Name/Company Name.

What Happens Next If Payment Failed But Money Deducted From Customer’s Account?

As you must already know, sometimes the online or UPI payments get failed due to banking and the related server issues. Sometimes maybe the amount will get deducted from your account, but we actually don’t receive that. Don’t panic as this is a payment failure from the bank end, and the amount of payment will be refunded, the amount will be credited to your original mode of payment within 5 to 6 working days.


What is a phone word?

A phone word is just like a phone number. It is an alphanumeric key which is half phone number and half word. Eg: 9220 FLIGHT

How much does a phone word cost?

The cost of phone words is different for different numbers; its cost depends on the phone word itself.

How to spread your phone word among people?

The best way to spread your phone word in the market is through advertising. Displaying your phone word in front of your target audience as often as possible will get the phone word lodged into their minds. This will give you considerable market presence and recall value. Vip Numbers India provides marketing services to help you spread the word.

How to spread your phone word among people?

The best way to spread your phone word in the market is through advertising. Displaying your phone word in front of your target audience as often as possible will get the phone word lodged into their minds. This will give you a considerable market presence and recall value. Vip Numbers India.com, therefore, provides marketing services to help you spread the word.

How does having a phone word affect my business?

Having a phone word is a form of marketing the business in itself. It gives your business a unique identity and recall. People use words for communication in daily routine and a phone word associates you with one of these words and in turn with the people using it. This markets your business and gives your brand stronger recall value as compared to only numbers.

How to dial a phone word?

First, dial the prefix i.e. the numerical part of the phone word then dial the numbers which have the letters associated with them. Eg; to dial 9220 FLIGHT you dial 9220 then you dial 3 since F comes under 3, then 5 since L falls under 5, and so on to get 9220 354448. So on and so forth.

Do customers know how to dial a phone word?

Yes, even though it is recently been initiated in India, countries like Australia have 93% of people who are aware of phone words.

How to dial a phone word from a Blackberry phone?

In a blackberry device, a numeric digit can be converted to a letter by pressing the Alt key. So after you type the prefix number you simply have to hold down the Alt key and type the phone word.

How to get more information on phone words?

Just get in touch with us. Gives us a call at 9222 222 007


What is a Virtual Number?

A virtual number is a hub to which a set of your associated numbers are connected. Instead of providing your clients with multiple numbers to reach, you provide them with one standard number which will further connect the call to the concerned person’s number. Thus it is convenient for the client to remember and reach you with just one single number.

How does having a number from Numberwale.com help my business?

In today’s tech-savvy, fast-moving world your number is the first impression that you cast on your clients. It becomes a unique identity that is associated with your business. It is therefore advised to have a single, easy-to-remember, eye-catching number than having multiple ordinary numbers associated with your business. Having a single number gives your organisation a brand image and makes it stand out in the market and a unique memorable number gives your brand recall value. Both of these factors are highly desirable when it comes to being a business.

How does having a virtual number benefit my business?

Communication is the key to growth and prosperity. A virtual number is an effective tool to manage your communications. With clients as well as internal, fast and clear communication facilitates the smooth functioning of your organisation. A single number acting as a node to multiple numbers is easy for customers to reach associating qualities like quick, convenient and caring to your brand.

How is a premium number different from a virtual number?

A premium number is a number with digits as per your wish, besides being unique in its look it will operate like any other network number wherein it will receive and make one call at a time. So it is one number with single point operation. And A Virtual number is a number with a set of numbers associated with it. It acts face number, which can receive and make multiple calls at the same time through the set of numbers connected to it. So it is one number with the multipoint operation.

What is the difference between Virtual number and a Display number?

None. There is no difference between a Virtual and Display number. Your display number will be just the same as your virtual number.

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